Our kitchen

is open 24 hours a day!


• breakfast included in the price

• tea & coffee making facilities

• common area for cooking

• dishwasher

• fridge

• other facilities you can find in every Polish home

Our team

Since the beggining we’re known as a top class hosts and that’s because we have a special team, group of people who love this job. Profesionalism, good sense of humor, instant problem solving – that’s Happy 7 staff !



Since 2014 owner of this business. For him the guests are most important, than staff, and at the end he puts himself. He love to work in a business environment, and can’t imagine to do anything else. After work he’s an improve actor and btw… he’s damn good one!



She is studying vocal at the Academy of Music, often accompanying herself practicing guitar in our kitchen and sometimes our guests join her:) She has huge deposits of goodness and love, what you can experience from the first moment you see her. At the same time she is very well organized and businesslike, so the “hostel” paperwork with her is a pleasure.



Always willing to help, master of history and architecture of Gdansk. For him, there is no such thing as a problem. Passionate about beer but not during working hours. He walked alone half of Europe during one trip. Really!



Receptionist – neighbor, she’s so lucky ! No need to hurry up with waking up 🙂 Incredible eyes, hiding some secrets – big smile, and warm welcome – that’s Kasia!



While people are relaxing, Kriss plays basketball. TALL player, heart to the game, pursuit of precision – that’s mixture for a great player – For now we’ve found in Kriss a Great receptionist! Of course we hope we will see some gold medal soon (or at least NBA contract).

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